Welcome to narrow-gauge railway Landquart


On the 10th of september 2015 two locos arrived in Landquart:
Due to a big sponsorship of the company "Jul. Peter Sargans" the loco MV0 from O&K (originally from Landquart) and the loco MV2 also from O&K (ex. Cement mill Brunnen SZ) came to Landquart in one single transport. Take a look at our sponsoring flyer of the MV2. In about three hours with partially heavy rain the MV2 could set wheels on 750mm-tracks after a long time. The MV0 was changed to 600mm-gauge during the years so she was set on a flat car. In the future she should get 750mm-gauge though. You can find a movie about that here.

Passenger coach C288:
The passenger car could be finished in august. The documentation will be published here shortly.

Short revision of the yellow MV1a:
By accident we found out, that the motor of our yellow MV1a, built in 1959, is doing compression. We couldn't leave it well alone and so we started to inspect the motor. Now, after a few weeks, the engine is running perfectly

End of revision of the green MV1a:
All components have been assembled and some test runs came up successfully. The big revision is terminated now.

Revision of the MV2:
The revision of our MV2 has started, we are still looking for sponsors though:

Track repairing:
Already the second switch was repaired in this year. Two switches and one seven meter long piece of track got new broken stones and were aligned where needed.

Historic moments:
Do you have any photos or movies of the railway in its running time, or do you have any story to tell? Please contact us using the contact form!
We are interested in everything that helps us reconstructing the history of the railway.
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