The intention of the association is to maintain the rests of Landquarts narrow gauge railway in working condition. Also other rare vehicles in 750mm-gauge should be repaired and set in service on the line. Further must be built up and maintained the whole infrastructure for all these things.

The club members can achieve their inputs in an active or a passive way. Active members help in the operation oft he railway while passive members are just favourers and help in the operation exceptionally. For all members a reunion with coffee and cake takes place once a year.

These are the fees:
Active member: CHF 100/year
Passive member: CHF 80/year

You can download our byelaws here (only in german)

Remo Hartmann (chairman) was born in 1982 an did an apprenticeship as a farmer. Since that he is working mostly as a truck driver. His field of activity on the railway is all the transports on streets and the organisation of every kind of tools and transports.

Riccardo Keller (cashier) was born in 1995 and is studying at the moment mechanical engineering on a technical college. His special department is the account staff and the most of the paperwork. Except to the work on our narrow-gauge railway he's spending his freetime at the Eurovapor in Sulgen too. Beside others he is rebuilding a steam engine type C 5/6 there.

Michael Anderfuhren (actuary) was born in 1995 too and his current job is traffic superintendent at Swiss Federal Railways. He is organizing and administrating all documents and the webpage of our narrow-gauge railway. He is anxious to structure the operational procedures. Together with Riccardo he is responsible for staying in touch with the media.

Collateral to the FZL Riccardo and Michael are developing a cabride-simulator inside a real storical electro engine. For more information click here.

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